Monday, June 04, 2007

India Journal 2006 -#69- June 4, 2007- Horseback Riding

Well, today I went horseback riding with William. We first went up the mountain where I usually walk, and then continued to trails which I've partially walked in the past but never to the end. It was quite lovely. At the beginning I was very tense, felt like I would fall off the horse, was holding on really tight and not enjoying, but after the first 1/2 hour I relaxed into the swing and really began to enjoy the vista from up on the horse. I didn't take too many pics as I couldn't do it while riding...but we stopped a couple of times, and I also took a video while riding which you'll have to wait to see. coming DOWN hill was not comfortable and when we got closer to Dharamkot, we both got off and walked the rest of the way and that was fine. William is an accomplished rider, but everyone was very patient with me and I had a lovely lovely day...a real adventure.

Yesterday was a REAL storm again, but it cleared the air and the weather could not have been more perfect for this day out...I am truly blessed, again, and as always!

Enjoy the pics and imagine how much fun I was having.!!

Half Way Point...I've very often walked up to this point but not by going all the way around the mountain as we did today.

First Rest Stop Overlooking Dal Lake and Naddi etc....been up
here by foot before a few years ago with Anil..


Both of Us

William at the Half way Point

From Here you can begin the walk down to the waterfalls
or up to Triund...we just rested and then came back down!!


Overlooking Dal Lake, Army Cantonement, TCV and further to
the right, Naddi

Naddi..note the HUGE tower on the phone
reception but not very pretty


Guide and his son (who got to ride my horse most of the way
down and was quite happy!)

Dal Lake