Sunday, June 10, 2007

India Journal 2006- #72- June 9-10 The Heat, the Butterfly and Making the Most of ...

Just a few days left...I have taken to sitting outdoors, either on my own balcony or at Nick's from around 6 PM until it gets dark. And I am rewarded with a cool breeze, although the air is still sultry and humid. And with lovely dusks and sunsets...always with the mountain peak and its changing face in front of me. Also napping, or at least resting under the fan during the worst hours of the afternoon. No real appetite but doing my best to eat 3 meals a day. I will miss this all when I get ome. Where will I sit each evening? Who will lovingly serve me a lite meal in such a lovely, [peaceful setting? And as an addition to these last days, each day, at some point

a friend finds me and we sit for awhile just passing time when the heat keeps us from doing anything else. Yesterday I went to see "Happy Feet" but the sound wasn't working properly so the whole effect was lost and I will see it again at home.

I've finally had to do my last minute shopping here. What I had planned to do more cheaply in Delhi's Main Bazaar, but with temps hovering at 48 degrees there, I doubt I'll be able to. Will probably not get back to Anokhi at Khan market either as planned so will save some money as well. Even the heat is a blessing at times!!

This morning, at breakfast, an angel came to see me just to let me know that the world is still a lovely and pleasant place to be...despite the heat, and my leaving here soon...This time disguised as a butterfly, which flew past me, returned, and then lighted right on the page of the book I was holding and reading. It sat there, as if looking at me, for 3 minutes! It was white with lovely blue markings and blue antennas and eyes.

And now to get on with my day. Which, at 9 AM, is already sweltering.

Feel like just sitting here in the shade for awhile longer and not moving. But have some things to take care of and then will go rest until lunch time. Such a difficult existence these last few days.

Well, I met a friend at the restaurant attached to my hotel, and had an urge for a burger. Ordered a Tofu burger with chips (!)...It was scrumptious...I really really enjoyed every bite of it...but for a few hours following, my stomach let me know that this was definitely not according to the rules.

I am now fine, after a read, a nap, and a glass of mint tea...and meeting with another friend for an hour or so. Ordered my taxi, bought a book which hopefully will get me through the next days (I seem to be devouring them at an incredible rate lately...that's what comes from not walking 3-4 hours a day). And now here I am, posting what might just be my last, if not next to last journal entry for this trip.

So...namaste to's been fun sharing with you...hope you enjoyed as well.