Friday, June 08, 2007

India Journal 2006-#71-June 5-8, 2007 Getting Close to the Wire

Just going over the past few days with some interesting meetings and comments and thoughts. I am getting close to the wire so to speak, and trying to make the most of every moment despite the fact that conditions are not ideal.

The weather has finally gotten hot here as well and will remain so for another couple of weeks until Monsoon begins toward the end of June. Yesterday for example, at 5 in the afternoon when it had already started cooling down a little bit, it was 30 degrees in the was well up into the 30's during the day, morning hours being the hottest...I am using my fan all the time now, even at night, and last night I slept without my blanket for the first time...just top sheet and little bed doesn't even get really cool even at night now, although it is pleasant enough once the sun goes down around 8 PM. If I am in the shade, it is OK, but the weather has pretty much confined me to town, as I cannot go walking any longer. Even if I take a Rickshaw up the mountain, it is still too hot to walk around up there, as much of the walking is in the sun. I go for a walk for about an hour, just up and down around town in the evening, and of course still walk back and forth during the day, but spend lots of time relaxing in my room or on the balcony in the shade.

So, what has happened over the past few days...

Well, William left 2 days ago, and I am once more left on my own. But, as I will write soon, never really alone it seems, at least not for any significant length of time.

I sent out my final package, weighing about 6 KG. And, although it is fairly simple here, just take the package to be parceled right next door to my hotel and one door away from the Post Office, and then into the post office and off it goes. Problem was, one of the 500 rupee notes I had (and the very end of my money that day), had a small corner torn, and so the Post Office refused to take it. so I went off to change it at the Bank, but when I got there, there was a very very long line. Remember, each person is depositing or withdrawing money in general, or paying a bill, and they do not have the automatic counting machines like banks at home have. and in Rupees there are MANY notes to count. So first the clerk has to count sometimes thousands of notes, and then recount them, then give them to the person who also counts them to be sure, meaning each person in line is there at least 15 minutes, many longer. There were 10 people on line in front of me. So I asked one of the other clerks if they could just change the note for me, but was told I had to wait on line!! And that's when I decided to beat the system. Walked back to the POst office and told the lady there that the bank said the note was good and did not need to be exchanged. I was very quiet, but did not back down, and after much discussion among the Postal employees, I found myself with the proper change in hand and a receipt for the package. I was so proud of myself.

I have apparently lost weight this trip and as I have been as careful as I can manage to eat properly, and stay away from cakes and sweets (generally speaking...), the weight has stayed off...I guess I am thinner than when I left home but I really feel good, and when I truly have the need, I eat something sweet, cake, or chocolate etc. But certainly not on a regular basis. I also seem to get along on much less food, particularly not having the need to eat anything, usually, between meals.

Just as William left and I thought I would settle down to a couple of quiet, alone days, Shanti (the healer who did the aura transformation for me, met me and asked for a few Reiki/healing sessions. I began them a couple of days ago and so far we have done 2, with 2 more scheduled. They have been very powerful for both of us. I find myself more and more tuned into events and feelings in other people's lives, intuitively, with much guidance...but I am no longer doubtful of what I sense, and the things I understand and then discuss with my clients, are always intense and important for them. Every time I move deeper into these places, I have more and more faith in the guidance I am given, and in myself as a healer. It is a true blessing to be in this new place. When I finished with her that day, I thought to go for a lite dinner and early to bed.

Just as I finished eating at Nick's, Vanessa, a friend from Rishikesh walked in and sat down with me, and shortly after, Akhilesh walked in as well. He and Vanessa also know each other as she took a meditation course with him. And we sat and talked for 3 hours. It was 10 by the time I headed home and on the way a an urge for chocolate. I bought a small bar with fruit and nuts and headed to my room. Ate the chocolate and read for awhile and was sure the late hour together with the chocolate would preclude easy sleeping, but I slept like a log until morning!!

Things seem to just keep flowing beautifully for me. The next day I met Yanna, the lady I met at the beginning with broken wrist, and we spent some pleasant time together as well. It seems that each day has some kind of social "event" occurring without any pre-planning. Yesterday I went to get one more thing from Ashok, the chemist, and met his girlfriend there and we sat and spoke for quite awhile as well. That's where I saw the temperature...he has a thermometer on his balcony.

Last night, decided to pick a Tarot card for some quick insight into my homecoming and what to expect or to do, direction for the next few months, etc.. Well, the card
I picked was PATIENCE...which says, in short......"simply be alert, patient, waiting...contented in passive...let nature take its course like phases of the moon...not sleepy or ready for something momentous...a time full of mystery like the hours just before is time when the only thing to do is wait!".

Couldn't have found something more perfect to take home with me!!

And that's about it. Today was even hotter yet. It is only 10 AM and it must be 35 degrees already....I will make it through the next few days with this enforced resting...and hopefully come home to cooler weather...although from what I hear, it is no different at home!