Wednesday, June 13, 2007

India Journal 2006 - #75 - June 13, 2007 - I Have Met...

I have met amazing people on this journey. Not your usual array of seekers and searchers and would-be Buddhists, yogis and so called people on the journey to enlightenment (although there were enough of those as well), but a very eclectic assortment of people truly on a spiritual journey. All travelling a different road, some alone, others with the help of a guru (or two), but all honestly in search of the same thing and understanding of the same thing.

That there is only one God, one Truth, one Universe and that we are all connected cosmically through a kind of web or network, like the waves in the ocean...each a wave in its own right but in no way separate from the ocean, from the whole, or from the other waves.

And that the further we move along our own path towards this ultimate Truth, the further we move all mankind along this road to a better way, a better life, a better more love, peace, harmony and compassion etc.

Each one of these people had developed, or had given to them, their own honest practice. Many are novices along the journey, while many have been travelling for a good part of their lives (PHYSICALLY on the road with backpack for over 25 years in some cases!!) as well as spiritually travelling the road.

Some follow their path with the help of organized but honest and true adherence to Buddhist practice, others follow the teachings of one of many gurus and swamis, living a good part of each year on an ashram, or even in retreat, others combine several different practices, and others, like myself, are on a personal journal of discovery using whatever tools best suit the current phase of the journey.

Many seem to be truly far along their journey to me, and it was a true joy and privilege to meet and "compare notes" so to speak, with them. For the first time in my life finding people who are truly spiritual with no judgment of another's way to discovery and growth and no need to prove their own "way" best, or right or true.

And the MOST amazing thing in meeting them, is that many began to see ME as much further along my own path than they themselves are, and to seek me out as a "light" being. I was most humbled by this but it has also been a very powerful affirmation and validation of the results of my own work, my Faith and the Truth of the Divine guidance, direction and love I am showered with each and every moment.

This whole journey has been a great privilege for me and God and his Universe have seen me worthy enough to bring these people into my life at this point for further encouragement and confirmation that I am indeed worthy and deserving to be in service to others and act as a loving and pure channel for Divine love and light!

And with that, I think I will conclude this Journal and this Journey. It will not be easy to continue moving forward upon my return to reality, but that is truly the real test. Many of the people I met have lived a good part of their lives in semi-retreat, apart from the real world...cut off from family, country and reality per se. Living alone or in an ashram and moving along their journey in isolation, or being in touch only with their guru etc.

They have commented that I am both courageous, and blessed to have come as far as I have while still clinging to reality. By living in real life situations, with family, logistics of earning a living, the daily distractions of the worldly life always with me. But I know that for me, this is the ONLY way I can move along my own path while at the same time being able to serve others and help them begin their own journeys of self-discovery and growth in spirit.

I intend to find the way to remain in my new frequencies, my new "lightness" and continue my service upon my return home. I remain open and accepting to embrace all that is sent my way, with complete freedom from fear and in the knowledge that all is exactly as it should be at each moment of each day.

I am truly blessed and grateful for all those blessings...