Wednesday, February 27, 2008

#9-Feb 27,2008 Boring Life if you have to just read about it....

I think the blog posts this trip are basically pretty boring for others to read, but I find my days so full and exciting, and have a wonderful sense of wellbeing I haven’t had in a long time. Part of this I know probably has to do with my recent attempt to wean myself from HRT (which I’ve been using for about 15 years and never been happy about…but have never had luck in the past getting off it). This time I decided to try using ayurveda herbal replacements in one last attempt to get these chemicals out of my body, but after trying for almost 3 months, and every day seemingly worse than the day before, and I won’t go into the gruesome details here, I finally decided to get back on my hormones. And within 2 days I was feeling like my old happy, contented self, and in just 5 days, all other symptoms have disappeared. Now you may ask what made me make the final decision to give up trying…well, like most everything else in my life, I ask for guidance and direction from my Guides and the answer always comes…if I listen! This time I received the answer in a dream where I saw myself with my old happy spirit back and wished I could go back to that “self”…and the next morning I was out walking, and stopped into one of the book shops to browse, and the first book that my hand landed on was “Ayurveda for Women”, by Robert Svoboda, one of the foremost ayurveda doctors in the world today. I starting skimming through it and the page that opened was HRT and ayurveda!!! I quickly read over his description of how, in many cases, herbal remedies can reduce most symptoms and help women lead a normal life…however, there are certain cases where HE does not recommend giving up HRT…he says there are certain women who really must have these hormones replaced artificially in order stay in good health. He does not recommend it for “keeping young” etc…only where true health issues are present…and the biggest health issue he feels should be helped with HRT is osteoporosis…in cases of osteoporosis, he ALWAYS recommends his patients use HRT as they are not simply trying to get rid of hot flashes or have younger looking skin etc. And this is MY issue… So I was given a definite “go ahead” to going back on hormones without feeling guilty, and know that this has added to my feelings of contentment and wellbeing which have been missing for some months now. The change is tangible. I am happy that I gave this a fair try, but am also happy that I am now back to the “real” me! I have begun writing a post about the people I have met on this trip, and it will be quite long when finished…I may post it in sections, but for now will write before posting it. Today I had a lovely walk as you can see from some of the photos and the very short video. The sound of silence is a rare commodity in India, and walking up this road following the Ganga up into the hills was a real thrill for me this morning.

The weather is getting hotter by the day, and soon I won’t be able to take these long walks I imagine, but for now, it is invigorating and I feel uplifted when I am out in nature like this. On the way back, I decided to really go all the way with lunch, and had a veggie burger on roll, salad and chips! Now I know this doesn’t sound like anything terrible, but the burger was made with potatoes, a definite no-no for me, I am not supposed to eat cold salad, and then of course the chips!!! But it was soooooooooooo delicious, and I Rekiied the food before eating it, as I usually do, but with extra added blessings for good health, did some Reiki after eating, and so far am feeling no side effects other than joy at having eaten it! And to end it off, I stopped off to buy something sweet and found a box of homemade choclates that a local mamaji makes, and bought a box. Haven’t tried them yet, but will this evening….Yesterday evening a nice guy I met did a shamanic healing on me and got rid of the last remnants of a slight dry cough which seemed to persist in the evening hours when the weather changed, and today he surprised me with a visit and asked for a Reiki Healing in exchange…which I happily did…helping him get rid of some deep seated pain, sadness and grief over a recent incident in his life. And then the evening proceeded to move along and we went together for dinner at Mamaji’s, came back to the room with our chai’s and ate chocolate which was DEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS!. Yesterday, after lunch, I took a Rishshaw down into the market because I really needed sandals and couldn’t get what I wanted in my size up here where I did last year. The main road into town is closed for roadwork so the rickshaws (and every other type of vehicle) must use the back alleyways to get into the market in town…these alleys are barely wide enough for 2 rickshaws to pass each other, with gulleys along both sides of the road which an unwary driver could easily fall into….and now these alleyways are being used not only by rickshaws and motorbikes, but by huge 4x4 vehicles filled to overflowing with tourists…navigating a rickshaw past one of these was an amazing experience…even the Indians, who are nonchalant about this kind of stuff, applauded the driver when we got past not one, not two, but THREE of these vehicles without mishap and eventually got into town. I immediately found sandals, and then went exploring. Bought nail polish (have to do my toenails if I want to wear sandals…did a pedicure last night)…and then went down to the puja ghat and to my great joy found the public toilets. I always have a problem with needing a toilet and so every one I found is a real blessing. It means next time I go into town I don’t have to hurry home! Well, I’ll end this here and see about getting it posted today or tomorrow. Remember, if a post contains a video you must view it in the blog to be able to open the video…like the party one I sent several days ago.

Namaste Jane