Thursday, February 21, 2008

#6..Feb 21, 2008 - assuming the #5 with the video uploaded earlier….

Well, things are starting to fall into a pattern, and I see now why I can never stay less than 3 weeks in any place if I’m really to get a feel for it. For the last 3 days I’ve been out walking, and yesterday I took the scenic road down all the way to Welcome Center where they have really good, homemade, made as you order it, Ayurveda cooking. As good as what I cook and enjoy at home. And I was not disappointed. So, decided to go there every day for lunch, which means I get two wholesome meals in a day as breakfast is my regular soaked overnight dried fruits and almonds mixed with porridge. That leaves me the fun of doing what I want in the evening and the rest of the day without feeling too guilty, and still being able to feel like I’m on vacation.

Today I decided, the weather being lovely, to take the full walk around. All in all it is about 4 km. I imagine but not quite sure as it is just so pleasant you don’t feel the distance. I walked down to Laxman Jula, crossed over the bridge and then headed up to Ram Jula, which I know is 2.5 km along the Ganga. The walk was beautiful and I felt alive and invigorated with a sense of wellbeing I haven’t felt in a long time. I felt so blessed I found tears welling up in my eyes. (By the way, I am now sitting outdoors, at 6 PM, listening to classical music, enjoying the air on the roof here, and of course enjoying my laptop).

Just before Ram Jula, I came to vivek’s center, the place I did my panchakarma last year, and he was there, so we sat and chatted for about an hour, I noted some definite improvements in the center. I mentioned that the Ganga seemed very low this year and he explained that is because there has been a late winter, and the snows haven't begun melting yet. Once they do, the river will fill up as I remember it. And then continued on my way, back across the Ganga via Ram Jula and again over to Welcome Center, where I had another lovely lunch.

Came back, played around with the video I took last night of the party, which I hope I’ll be able to upload to my blog without too much trouble. You are invited to listen to it just to hear the music…there is not much to see…

And then Amir, the guy in charge here, came to say hello and we had an interesting, and pleasant talk for another while…he was quite excited seeing the videos I took and asked if he could use my camera to take pictures of his work here to send back to his family in Nepal…of course I agreed…I will burn them to a CD for him afterwards. He also looked at pictures of my family and his face was alive with pleasure…he is young, about 25 I think, but you can see he misses his family. He was completely taken in by the kids, with comments about all of them, and even did a fairly good job of figuring out who the brothers and sisters were…and then he saw the pic of my girls, and Mom, and he couldn’t stop commenting. But the biggest reactions were for the men in the family…all struck his fancy…and he said Yaniv looks much much younger, and of course handsomer, without his rastot. But the final comment was for Shai…he took one look at him, asked who he was, and said “He is dangerous” He should be in the movies…the girls better watch out”. I told him he has a girlfriend and he said that SHE better keep him under lock and key…he is too gorgeous.

The evening calls of the birds has just begun…it sounds like they are arguing over who gets to sleep where tonight…what a racket!!

Anyway, I am now just writing this up to let you know that my days have found their even keel, with my morning time well spent and worthwhile, and the rest of my day spent just being. I often think that it seems strange to have to come all the way to India to do this, but I just can’t seem to manage it at home. And it is something I feel I need to get back into myself and move forward. Exactly where this trip will take me, I still don’t know, but I am finally beginning to enjoy each step of the journey once again.

Just a quick observation. Considering how sick I was just last week, and howquickly and easily I recovered, I know that the relative healthy state of my body following my recent panchakarma, the combination of antibiotics for a quick jump-start for 3 days and the ayurvedic meds I wastaking, and most important, the 2 hours of daily Reiki I did tomyslef...alll worked together in beautiful harmony. Which is as it should be. Reiki is wonderful on its own but is a perfect compliment to all other forms of medical treatment as well.

Love to all