Friday, February 29, 2008

#10- Just a Few More Pics -Feb 28, 2008

Many lovely things are happening to me and my days are filled with joy and a feeling of wellbeing. But I don't seem to have the need to write, so just thought I would share a few more pics with you from my daily walk yesterday. The "mean" cow is my favorite of the day. It was actually a bull and stared at me from afar with a look in his eyes that I wanted to capture. But when I took out my camera and began focusing on him, he started coming towards me at a fairly quick pace with the same look in his I snapped and left as quickly as possible. Can you see the look in his eyes as well?
The rest of the pics are just scenes of the day...gas delivery, people in the small ram jhula market, and the always present statues of gods and goddesses...