Thursday, February 21, 2008

#5 Feb 20, 2008 – PARTY TIME!!

Well, I’m in my room now and there is a “cocktail” party going on in the yard next door…(day before the real wedding party)…if I didn’t know what it was, I would think someone was shooting a Bollywood dance movie sequence live downstairs. I will try and record the sound with the video, but have no idea if it will come out. It sounds lovely….If I wasn’t so lazy, I would get dressed and go downstairs, but it is 10 at night and am just as happy listening to the sounds from my room. This is just me. People think I’m strange, but I just don’t have any need to be IN the party…just enjoying it from here is enough for me. This will be my first attempt at posting a video directly from India. The second half of the video is with the window open so the sound is even “better”. Enjoy…or not…for me it is just for fun. If this works, I will begin sending interesting vidoes off every so often to give you a more "live" feel of the place.

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