Monday, February 18, 2008

#4 - Feb.18, 2008 No Muse

Hi All
I’m sending this off not because there is anything really interesting to write, or because I have a deep need to write…well, perhaps that IS interesting. I actually have no desire to put anything down “on paper” and for me that is a big change. I’ve felt like this for the past couple of months, even at home, but figured once I got to new places, the muse would find me again, but so far, nothing.
So just to keep you up to date and let you know that all is well, I will zip this off. I went out and about today…

the weather was hazy which was perfect for a longer walk, and there was even some drizzle on the way back. I did not even take the camera as I knew the clarity would not be good enough for any video to come out. But I went all the way down to Laxsman Jula, had a lovely lunch at the German bakery, bought a couple of books and slowly made my way back up, expecting to find it difficult, but am now easily and happily back in my room…which is dreary without the lovely sunshine. I made an appointment for a massage tomorrow, the first of many I hope, have decided not to go to Mussoorie for several reasons, and for now, just hang around and relax. I need further perspectives re: the coming 6 weeks, what I am meant to achieve here, where this trip is meant to take me, and I need to be at peace with each day to gain any clarity. Hopefully, the coming days will shed some new light on the rest of the trip here. I feel at loose ends so am not looking much past the moment…which is as it should be…am doing my best to be mindful, have met some interesting people here – different from the type of tourists I’ve met in the past in India, and it is refreshing to say the least. The town is pretty much empty, of Westerners and Indians both…the Ganga is much lower than I remember it last year. And that’s about it!

And just for those of you who were following my saga BEFORE I left, exactly 2 weeks after it was stolen, my handbag was found yesterday. I received an e-mail from someone living near my house, saying she found it thrown in among some bushes. What shape it is in I do not know, and if anything is missing, I also don’t know, but my daughter will be retrieving it for me today. So, what’s the lesson? Obviously, don’t worry. Take things as they come…don’t draw conclusions from things which seem obvious to you, but probably have much deeper meaning lurking around. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it went missing in the first place, and now why it has turned up, but I am really happy as I really like not only the handbag, but the small change purses inside as well which I have had for some years now after buying them in McLeodganj. I was considering going all the way up there just to replace them!

OK…don’t know when I will be back here again. Don’t worry about me. I am pleased that I don’t even feel like being at the computer, even though it is right in the room with me. I will do my best to answer your individual mails, but it may take longer than usual as well.

My love to all