Thursday, August 21, 2008

This blog is closing - see new blog link below

Hi all
this is just to let you know that I will no longer be posting on this blog. I am moving to a different blogging system which is much more user friendly for me, and for you, as a reader, as well. So, my next trip to India, beginning on October 10th, will be found at: Kindly save it to your favorites and you can subscribe to it just like you did to this one. See the sidebar. Also note that I now have the option of pages and you will see them being added on the top toolbar for your convenience as i begin posting.
My Mindfulness Journal has also moved and you will find the link below as well. I hope you enjoy the new format and will make use of the options available. You will note that on the Mindfulness Journal, there are already "pages" on the top toolbar: Home, Reiki, Mindfulness, Poetry, Quotes and hopefully there will be if you are looking for specific information, it is easier to find. These pages are also listed on the sidebar with their subpages, so you can navigate more quickly through the blog. I am still working on the format, but even now, it is a much cleaner and more professional looking blog. You can check it out at this website:
Please put it into your favorites as I will no longer be posting to either of these old blogs. You can subscribe to this blog as well on the sidebar link. You can also post comments on the new blog if you feel like it.
My love to all and thanks for being loyal readers