Tuesday, January 30, 2007

India Journal 2006 #3-January 30, 2007-Saab Kuch Milega

Well, as you can see, I did not make it to India in 2006 as originally planned, but I will be leaving this Sunday, February 4th with Royal Jordanian Airlines via Amman and reaching Delhi the following morning. From the airport I will be whisked off by taxi to an Ashram in Rishikesh which has an Ayurveda Clinic. I will spend a few weeks there doing personalized panchakarma treatments for my health in general and my my arthritis in particular and will keep you updated re: the treatments and results.
I then will probably hang around Rishikesh a little longer to explore the area and when I have had enough there, imagine I will head off to Delhi to do some shopping and then up to McLeod for as long as I feel the need.
I am planning to stay in India until June, so much can happen. As they say "Saab Kuch Milega".
This all is happening just a few days after my 60th birthday and the lovely "almost" surprise party my family made for me...
Below a picture of all that I leave behind, and the only thing which makes these trips to India so difficult.

If not for these amazing, lovely, wonderful people, I would probably never feel the need to leave India for more than a couple of weeks at a time.
So, I will keep you all updated as to all the surprises this new journey holds in store, and hope we enjoy this trip as much as we all enjoyed the previous ones.
The blog gives me the option of labels, so I will be labeling each post, and those that contain lots of details re: food for example, will be labeled "food" so if you do not want to read about what I eat, just don't read those posts!! This will also make it possible to pick and choose what you want to read from the labels on the sidebar.
So enjoy, and write back. I LOVE to get letters while away.
My love to all - Namaste